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It’s a Matter of Perspective

If a man could ask God one single question, I think it is a statistical probability that his question would be regarding the ‘why’ of human suffering. How a supposedly good and almighty God could allow such suffering as we … Continue reading

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The Power of Remembering

Few things in life are more elusive than a person’s memory. Things I thought I would never forget five years ago are already buried in the recesses of my mind by a myriad of other impressions, thoughts, feelings, and events. It … Continue reading

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God Needs You! – A Call To Rebuild and Repair

Learned men once said that 20% of the people typically do 80% of the work in any given organization. As I look around me, I can only confirm that this principle seems to be true. Many churches will readily confirm … Continue reading

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On Tea Bags and Hot Water

Somebody once said that people are like tea bags – you don’t really see what is in them until you put them in hot water. I’ve founds this to be true in my own life on several occasions, and sometimes … Continue reading

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Asaph – Prophetic Worshiper

1 and 2 Chronicles are peculiar books: they cover much of the same material as the books of the Kings but describe some events in much less detail or leave them out altogether. At the same time, they go into great … Continue reading

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Rabshakeh’s Taunt

The Old Testament uses all sorts of names to describe the character of God. Most of us are familiar with Jehovah Jireh or Jehovah Rapha. One of my personal favorites is when God is simply described as ‘The Living God’. … Continue reading

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