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Obadiah the Obscure – a Tribute

Elijah and Ahab – a prophet and a king. 1 Kings spends relatively many chapters discussing them, their actions, and their intriguing relationship. In the middle of all the drama and excitement that fills those chapters, there is an obscure … Continue reading

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Fear is a powerful force in a person’s life. The more I get into the history of Israel, the more I realize a person’s way of thinking will ultimately make or break them. Saul is a case in point – his … Continue reading

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David’s Mighty Men (or You’ll Never Walk Alone)

Lists of names are typically not very exciting in the Bible. Throughout the Old and New Testament, we come across genealogies and lists of names that do not mean much to us at all. 2 Samuel 23, however, is an … Continue reading

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When God Says No

One of my favorite Old Testament characters is David. I love how God takes a humble shepherd with a passion for God and makes him the greatest king Israel would ever know. More than any other story in the Bible, … Continue reading

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A Study In Contrasts: Saul and David

The Bible contains a lot of contrasts in terms of the types of people it portrays. Few intrigue me more, however, than the contrast between Saul and David. One was a man whose fear defined his life and destiny, the … Continue reading

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God Remembers

One of the most beautiful things about God is how He takes some of the most painful situations and turns them into an opportunity to show His goodness, compassion, and mercy. Case in point is Hannah in 1 Samuel 1. … Continue reading

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Judges – The Next Generation

The book of Judges reminds me a lot of a yo-yo – up and down and up and down. Once again, I catch myself wondering ‘how on earth…’! Why oh why are the people of Israel so stiff-necked and are … Continue reading

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