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God Means Business (2)

The defeat of the Israelites at Ai in Joshua 7 remains one of the most interesting passages in the book of Joshua. After having destroyed Jericho in a great victory, Joshua decides to send a much smaller army to Ai. … Continue reading

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God Means Business

King Josiah is a fascinating man. He became king of Judah when he was eight, inherited an extremely idolatrous nation, and yet he was a man after God’s own heart. No, I haven’t gotten to the book of Kings yet. … Continue reading

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So You Think It’s Because of You…

We humans are curious beings indeed. You would think that after everything the Israelites had gone through, they would realize that the Lord was bringing them into the Promised Land not because of how wonderful and great they were. All … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Law of God

If I were reading through the Bible for the first time, this passage in Deuteronomy 4 would probably be my favorite passage up to this point:5 Look, I have taught you statutes and ordinances as the Lord my God has … Continue reading

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The Cost of Leadership

Do you think Exodus 3 would have been a bit longer if Moses had known what he was truly getting himself into? He gave God a hard time as it is, but I wonder whether Moses would have completely refused … Continue reading

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Numbers 11: A Preview of Pentecost

Numbers may not be the most entertaining book in the Bible, but that does not mean that there is nothing worth reading and we should just skip to Deuteronomy. To see what I mean, look at Numbers 11:25: 25 Then … Continue reading

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The Simplicity of Worship

Worship as described in the book of Leviticus was a pretty complicated thing. As I listen, I’m faced with so many reasons that a sacrifice needed to be brought with so many different types of offerings for those various occasions … Continue reading

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